Thyroid Nodule Treatment: Everything There Is To Know

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Table of Contents

In the past, the only treatment choice for big, painful nodules in the thyroid or any stage of cancer was surgery. Today, however, there are other options, such as thermal ablation (for
TIRADS 2-3 nodules and Bethesda 2 nodules). Since it was first introduced in 2006,
radiofrequency ablation or microwave ablation thereafter, also known as RFA or MWA, have
been effectively used in the treatment of benign thyroid nodules as well as recurrent thyroid

The functioning of RFA or MWA is as follows –
RFA or MWA, which generates heat via friction, has the potential to eradicate benign or
cancerous tissue that is located near an electrode without the need for any incisions or other
invasive treatments. When ablated tissue is progressively reabsorbed by the body, the size of
the nodule will begin to shrink.

RFA or MWA Treatment Reasons Behind It –
Signs that something is being squeezed (airway, hoarseness, swallowing)
Cosmesis (appearance of a bump or protrusion in the neck) (appearance of a lump or protrusion in the neck) (the neck may give the impression of having a bump or protrusion)
Abnormalities in the function of the thyroid (fatigue, sensitivity to cold, constipation, weight gain, etc.)

Results from treatment with RFA/MWA –
A reduction in the size of more than fifty percent in nodules (reduction is observable in the following weeks after treatment) via benign colloid nodule treatment.
Improvement in both symptoms and appearance is three times greater than it was previously (improved swallowing, reduced bulging neck) There is a return to normalcy in the function of the thyroid (blood pressure, hormones, heart rate, etc.)

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) or MWA operations that are performed outside of a hospital
setting might last anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour, depending on the size and shape of the lesion.

How exactly does one go about obtaining RFA or MWA treatment if they so desire –
For many doctors to even think about doing this thyroid nodule treatment in India, they have to review the results of 1-2 FNACs, and both of them must indicate that there is no evidence of
cancer. There is currently no evidence to show that RFA is effective in the fight against primary cancer; thus, it cannot be recommended. In a news release that was issued not too long ago, it was said that “many are hoping that this technology will become more widespread, and experts are an eager proponent that it will become the approach that medical physicians would adopt to treat thyroid nodules.

Conclusion –
Residents of the area will have more convenient access to the many benefits of modern medical treatment as a result of the addition of RFA or MWA, experts noted.